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Do negative, but think positive. A boy who'd like making fool, scream, shout, laugh and making crazy thing. Love the way I am and hate when people want to change me .If you dare to piss me off, u will get shot on your fucking head son of BITCH! grrrr. stay away fr0m my life

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Nurul Syifa , she's mine lol ! syifa, syifa, syifa, ko lawh yg terbaekk^^ syifa neyh, dy baek, cute, pndai lak tuh, complete kan? HAHA, n she's mine. How lucky i am, she's mine, n i kn0e every girls are different, they have their own character, n syifa here, are special one, dy ta mcm gurl2 yg laen, dy neyh agak brutal skitt, huhu, but i like her..

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